Announcing the Docusign Agreement Cloud: 2022 Release 1

In the Docusign Agreement Cloud: 2022 Release 1, we have exciting new product capabilities to help you keep your business moving forward. Here’s a few of our team members to introduce their favorites from Release 1:

Read on for more information on all of the capabilities in this release.

Introducing Docusign CLM Essentials

Today, we are announcing the availability of Docusign CLM Essentials, which makes contract management accessible to growing businesses and single departments that are looking for a way to get started quickly and efficiently at automating the contract process. It packages core CLM capabilities—such as document generation, collaboration, workflows and repository—in an easy to use solution that automates your contract processes, organizes your contracts and gets teams working on the same page. Docusign CLM Essentials is a fast, easy and affordable way to get started with CLM.

Other Docusign CLM products news 

In addition to releasing CLM Essentials, we have also been delivering new enhancements to our existing Docusign CLM product, which is for larger organizations and cross-departmental usage. (CLM Essentials customers can upgrade to Docusign CLM’s expanded capabilities when necessary, with a seamless upgrade.)

Automate and connect your contract lifecycle

  • Docusign CLM Collaboration Enhancements provides users with access to a comments history, which contains a complete audit trail of all comments and tasks associated with a contract. Additionally, users can streamline counterparty review: When a revised Word document is emailed as an attachment, it is automatically updated as the latest version in CLM, saving time and errors. Targeting general availability later this month.
  • AI-Assisted Data Capture for Docusign CLM makes it easier and faster to review and save attributes  in CLM, which improves contract discoverability.  Users can leverage a new data capture task to automate which attributes are reviewed by whom, and when, along with Docusign AI to automatically extract and suggest attribute values, speeding up the review process. Targeting a limited availability release in North America for English language contracts later this month. 

Docusign eSignature products news

Over the last two years, more and more people around the world expect flexibility to work remotely. Docusign eSignature not only lets people conduct business from practically anywhere, it’s also easier, less expensive, and more secure than dealing with paper processes like printing, scanning, and faxing. With today’s new Docusign eSignature enhancements you can further simplify, personalize and secure your signature workflows.

Simplify and streamline signature workflows

  • Scheduled Send for DocuSign eSignature gives you the flexibility to schedule an agreement to be sent at a specific day and time. For example, a user who is preparing an agreement at the end of a day in San Francisco can schedule the agreement to be sent at the beginning of the day in New York, where the recipient is–helping improve the customer experience and response rates. Available now.
  • Delayed routing for Docusign eSignature provides the ability to add timing delays during the routing process of an envelope. This is especially necessary for situations where regulations require a delay. For instance, some franchising agreements require a one week delay before the franchisee can sign. Available now.
  • Docusign eSignature for Microsoft Power Automate enhancements allows Power Automate users to build automated agreement workflows by creating, pre-populating and sending envelopes for signature with automatic event triggers from any app that has a Power Automate connector. There are Power Automate connectors for more than 300 apps, from Microsoft and a wide array of third parties. These workflows can be enabled in Power Automate without needing developer resources to create custom code. Targeting general availability later this month.

Create more personalized customer experiences

  • Docusign eSignature for Zoom allows you to securely review, sign and complete agreements right from a Zoom video conferencing session. The sender can present the agreement and then pass control to the signer for them to complete the agreement instantly. Available now.
  • Docusign Click enhancements enable Click customers to seamlessly embed Click into their apps. Developers can match the look and feel of their website or app to design the clickwrap UI with desired colors, fonts, styles, shapes and positions. Additionally, customers can use Docusign Connect to set up a webhook to notify them when a clickwrap has been completed. Available now. 

Increase assurance of signatures

  • Docusign Notary updates support bulk notarizations by providing the ability to apply one or more templates to documents in a single notarial session. In addition, a new admin role provides more control over an organization’s notaries public (e.g. putting notaries on hold). Available now.
  • Docusign ID Verification (IDV) enhancements allow US-based users to verify their identity with two additional methods:
  1. Use their bank login via Authentify
  2. Answer personal questions via knowledge-based authentication (KBA). 

Previously, IDV only allowed uploading a photo of ID documents for US-based users, and KBA was offered separately from IDV. Additionally, users will be guided to take more accurate photos of their passport or driver license for upload, reducing errors. Available now.

Improve search and discoverability

  • Search enhancements for Docusign eSignature enable admins to expand search results for select user groups. For example, an admin could enable an HR team performing an audit to find any stock grant agreements sent or signed by others in the same Docusign account. Admins can now also create custom search experiences, giving users the ability to  search and filter via field data such as SKU or purchase price. Available now for accounts with Docusign Org Management.

Want to learn more? Register for our Docusign Agreement Cloud: 2022 Release 1 hosted by Docusign’s SVP of Engineering, Tom Casey.

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