Announcing the Docusign Agreement Cloud: 2021 Release 3

In the Docusign Agreement Cloud: 2021 Release 3, we have exciting new product capabilities to help you keep your business moving forward. Here’s Docusign’s SVP of Engineering Tom Casey to introduce his favorites from Release 3:

Read on for more information on all of the capabilities in this release.

Docusign eSignature news

Organizations have to deliver digital-first agreement experiences to continue to build loyalty across their customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders. That’s why we’re thrilled to provide the following eSignature enhancements—helping you drive employee success, deliver customer-centric agreement experiences and gain added visibility.

Drive employee success 

Reimagine how work gets done by simplifying sending and signing workflows

  • Agreement Actions for Docusign eSignature enhancements: Agreement Actions enables users to automate post-signature tasks. New enhancements provide added flexibility to allow users to export data to Microsoft Excel Online (in addition to Google Sheets). Also, Administrators can now set up agreement rules to archive to Google Shared Drives in addition to a personal Google Drive. Lastly, when archiving, users can improve organization with the ability to group all documents associated with an envelope into a zip file. Targeting general availability by the end of November.
  • Delegated signing for Docusign eSignature enables a signer to choose someone to sign on their behalf in the event the signer is out of office or unavailable to sign, minimizing bottlenecks in the agreement process. Targeting general availability in December.
  • Rooms for Mortgage Integration with Encompass (R) by ICE Mortgage Technology™ simplifies the closing process for Docusign Rooms for Mortgage customers. This integration allows lenders to pull loan documents from Encompass directly into Rooms where they can be tagged, split and combined, and sent out for signature—and just as easily push the documents back into Encompass once they are completed. Available now.
  • Docusign eSignature for Microsoft Approvals in Teams allows users to create, manage and share approvals directly from Teams. With this integration users create an electronic signature approval within the Approvals app, enabling them to streamline approval requests while keeping up to date on the status of approvals. Targeting general availability by the end of November.

Deliver customer-centric experiences

Put your customers first with convenient and personalized agreement experiences 

  • SMS Delivery enhancement: SMS Delivery enables users to send real-time agreement notifications directly to a signer's mobile device. Now users have the option of sending SMS-only notifications. The initial version required a parallel email to be sent with an SMS. Targeting general availability in December. 
  • Docusign Notary enhancements include the ability for the admin to place notaries public on hold. This helps ensure notarizations are not blocked or delayed while notaries public are unavailable. Targeting general availability in November. 
  • Docusign ID Verification enhancement lets admins add SMS re-authentication to IDV envelopes. Signers must pass IDV for their initial access to an envelope; after that, they need to enter a passcode delivered via SMS text before they can go back into the envelope. Targeting general availability by the end of November.
  • Dynamic content for Docusign Click allows users to capture consent to clickwraps that are populated with dynamic content (e.g. signer name), transforming a one-to-many standard agreement into a one-to-one agreement with personalized fields at scale. Targeting early access in December. Additionally, a Click trial that includes 250 clickwrap responses is available for eSignature Standard and above plans. 

Gain added visibility 

Drive signer-side automation through real-time visibility into envelopes 

  • Recipient Connect for Docusign eSignature an enhancement to Docusign Connect, Recipient Connect uses webhooks to send automated notifications, eliminating the need to make a large volume of API calls to check the real-time status of received envelopes. This lets organizations gain greater visibility into envelope status so that they can create programmatic reports and automate post-signature tasks such as archiving. Available now.

Docusign CLM and Gen news 

In order to move business forward no matter the circumstances, organizations must automate manual processes and add efficiency to every agreement transaction. The following CLM and Gen innovations enable organizations to improve productivity in order to do business faster and at scale.

Improve productivity

Get work done faster with enhanced collaboration and business process automation.

  • Collaboration enhancements for Docusign CLM give users the ability to comment, @-mention and assign tasks in the CLM UI. Compatible with Microsoft Word, these enhancements allow users to reach consensus faster, minimize risk and improve visibility. Available now.
  • Docusign Gen for Salesforce Billing simplifies invoice generation and delivery for businesses that use Salesforce Billing. Admins can leverage customizable templates to merge data from Salesforce objects into invoices, and then schedule them to be auto-generated and delivered to customers on a recurring basis. Available now.

We hope you enjoy the new capabilities in Docusign Agreement Cloud: 2021 Release 3. For further details, please see the release notes.

Docusign Contributor