• 2

    Weeks to implement
  • 5 mins

    saved per contract generated
  • 3x

    faster agreement process with DocuSign Gen + eSignature

How does a graphic designer become a Salesforce guru for an innovative healthtech startup? For Springbuk’s Haley Snow, it was a natural shift from the creative side of in-house marketing to the operational side. In a previous job, she built the marketing department from the ground up—which included everything from getting the CRM up and running to streamlining lead-handling processes in Salesforce.

“I found that I really enjoyed the process improvement piece,” said Snow. That’s when she took the plunge and became a full-time Salesforce admin. At Springbuk, she supports close to 90 Salesforce users across the marketing, sales and client success departments.

Springbuk made waves as a health intelligence pioneer in the employee benefits space. Its flagship platform gives thousands of employers the insights they need to sharpen their benefits strategy, advance employee health and contain costs. 2020 was a big year for the company. As employers everywhere braced for uncertainty, Springbuk launched new solutions to help them make data-driven decisions based on current trends of how COVID-19 would impact their 2021 health benefits spend.

“We deal with healthcare data—so, as you can imagine, there are lots of legal documents involved in our business,” Snow added. Using Docusign Gen for Salesforce, Springbuk’s lone Salesforce admin saved her colleagues loads of time by enabling them to automatically generate customized agreements from the system they’re already working in.

Docusign takes the guesswork out of contract creation

Before adopting Docusign Gen, Springbuk was already using Docusign eSignature to accelerate the agreement process—a solution that saved the implementation team almost 300 hours of manual heavy lifting in 2020. The company also utilized eSignature’s template feature to create master service agreements (MSA) and service orders. As the business evolved, Springbuk needed a more flexible solution.

“We had a really straightforward offering, so the Docusign eSignature templates worked,” said Snow. As Springbuk’s product line grew, contract requirements became more complicated. Sales reps had to select the right template (out of 10) and manually customize it for the customer. In addition to being a major time suck, it also increased the risk of errors.

When Snow saw that Docusign Gen could address Springbuk’s increased complexity in generating contracts, and that it was integrated with both Salesforce and eSignature, she was sold. With some guidance from her dedicated Docusign success manager, Snow launched the solution in just two weeks. Now, reps click a single button to generate the correct template—complete with data auto-pulled from Salesforce. Another button kicks off the electronic signature workflow. 

Docusign is about making our teams as efficient as possible so we can spend more time with our customers.
Haley Snow
Salesforce Administrator

“When the deal is closed and moves to the accounting team for billing, we know that what was on the customer’s service order matches what's in Salesforce and what goes into our invoicing system,” said Snow. “It’s aligned across the board.”

Form and function working in harmony

Bringing Gen into the agreement process helped reps shave about five minutes from the assembly and review phase. Multiplied by hundreds of service orders and new client contracts, that adds up to significant time savings. “I’ve had a few people reach out to me to say ‘thank you for fixing this,’” said Snow, whose inner designer appreciates the more professional-looking templates. “Sometimes just those little things can really make a difference for both the reps and the customers.”

Today, the end-to-end process for new client contracts involves just four easy steps:

  1. In Salesforce, the rep clicks the Generate MSA button directly from the opportunity. This causes Docusign Gen to generate a prepopulated Word doc to facilitate any changes from the legal team.
  2. The rep can click another button to turn the Word doc into an uneditable PDF.
  3. When ready, the rep can initiate the signature process with one click from Salesforce.
  4. Once the signed contract is approved by the finance team (last stop in the automated workflow), it’s automatically attached to the sales opportunity in Salesforce.

With everything centralized in Salesforce, reps can close deals faster while ensuring accurate customer, product and pricing information. Since Docusign Gen for Salesforce enables dynamic tables, Springbuk can include monthly and annual pricing for different products in a single service order.

More growth, less heavy lifting

As employer demand for health-benefits insights continues to fuel record-breaking growth for Springbuk, the company is expanding its relationship with Docusign to simplify contract management. The next project Snow is taking on will create an easily searchable contract repository for the legal team. For that, the company will use Docusign Contract Lifecycle Management.

“My goal is to provide streamlined processes and more efficient automation so everybody can focus on more important things,” said Snow. “I see a lot more Docusign in our future.”