• 23%

    Reduction in paper processing
  • <2 Hrs

    Average agreement completion time using mobile sign
  • 99.5%

    Successful transaction rate

Primerica’s roots go back to 1977, when a former Georgia high school football coach took on the cash value life insurance industry by advocating for families to “buy term and invest the difference.” 

Today, it’s one of the largest financial services organizations in the country, helping millions secure a brighter financial future through its portfolio of term life insurance, savings and investment solutions.

Primerica’s differentiator is its diverse team of 135,000+ licensed representatives which reflect the communities in which they live in and serve.

As Primerica’s reach continued to grow, so did the need for modern, digital solutions to help the company scale without sacrificing the personalized approach it's known for.

Given the growing number of sales representatives working with Primerica, our partnership with Docusign has been invaluable in supporting our objective to work with more clients than ever before.
Misty Sutton
Senior Vice President of Project Management & Automation

Cutting-edge technology elevates Primerica’s “kitchen table” approach

Before implementing Docusign, Primerica used an internally built e-signature tool. But paper-based disclosures and forms continued to create unnecessary friction and inefficiencies in the client journey.

"Our goal was to simplify processes, save time and enhance security in our digital applications," said Sutton. "We chose Docusign because it's a best-in-breed solution that’s well-known and respected in both the technology space and the financial services industry.”

By integrating eSignature with its sales tools, Primerica transformed its application process into a seamless digital experience that supports the company’s uniquely high-touch business model.

What sets Primerica apart is that its representatives live in the communities they serve and build face-to-face relationships with clients. Engagements often begin with a Financial Needs Analysis to identify potential solutions for clients. 

Adoption of digital tools, including Docusign, has enabled the company to retain its personalized approach while issuing policies faster than ever before. It’s also helped Primerica reduce paper processing of those documents using paper by over 23%. 

Documents and data go straight into Primerica’s insurance administrative system, eliminating manual tasks for staff. And once signed, customers can access their application and related disclosures through Docusign. 

"We've seen significant improvements in processing times, error rates and customer satisfaction,” said Sutton. “And now, contracts requiring multiple signers can be completed online as part of a real-time digital workflow.”

Docusign empowers a faster application-to-policy process

Docusign is just one piece of a greater transformation initiative that’s helping Primerica move faster, reach new markets and streamline the client experience at the point of sale and beyond. 

In 2022, close to 97% of all life insurance applications the company received were submitted electronically. “Clients trust us to help them make informed financial decisions,” said Sutton. “Incorporating Docusign into that process has enabled a smooth transactional experience.”

But the impact goes beyond convenience. The majority of Primerica’s sales reps have fully embraced mobile signing and are completing agreements in less than two hours.

“Docusign has been transformational for Primerica and our processes,” said Sutton.

Building on its success, Primerica is exploring other transformation opportunities with Docusign to improve the customer experience. That includes replacing ink-on-paper forms and static PDFs with dynamic Web Forms that guide users through policy changes in a modern, app-like fashion.

“We look forward to the continued partnership to provide best-in-class digital solutions to our sales representatives and clients,” said Sutton.