• 75%

    Reduction in contract turnaround time

Orion Advisor Tech built its portfolio management solution with the goal of helping financial advisory firms achieve their unique visions for success. Every advisory firm is different—different types of clients, investment strategies, technology—so Orion knew it needed to be flexible and easily integrated into the way their customers do business.

As the company grew, its contracts reflected the uniqueness of each customer’s business and agreements became more customized with more negotiation than the more simple, templated contracts from the company’s early days. 

Orion was already a DocuSign eSignature user, and decided to expand its use of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud by adopting DocuSign CLM to simplify and manage its increasingly complex agreement process. With DocuSign CLM integrated with Salesforce, Orion decreased its contract processing time by 75%, reducing the burden on the legal team and mitigating errors and risk on the company’s contracts.

Empowering the sales team while mitigating contract risk

Prior to DocuSign CLM, Orion’s sales reps had to rely on the company’s legal team to make changes to contracts, including small tasks such as updating numbers or removing single words. Not only did this slow down the sales process, but it also required the legal team to waste time that it could have been using more efficiently. And with more than 20 contract templates, the sales team would often send incorrect contracts to clients. Version control was lacking and there was little visibility into contract changes.

With DocuSign CLM, the sales and legal teams are now collaborating efficiently through customizable, approved contract templates. With the solution’s central repository, contract generation, template and redlining functionality, Orion is sending more contracts to customers in significantly less time: the company has reduced the average contract turnaround time from 48 hours down to just 12. 

Orion’s sales team no longer has to wait for the legal team to update contract language, and the legal team can rest assured knowing that salespeople are using approved templates and making small changes on their own. “Sales wants to own the process. They don’t want to wait for Legal,” said Robin Danahy, Salesforce Administrator at Orion. “DocuSign CLM allows them to make their own changes to the contract and get it out the door so much faster, which has improved the communication and relationship with legal.”

DocuSign CLM’s Salesforce integration

As a company that clearly understands the importance of its own product’s integration capabilities, Orion knew that any contract management solution it adopted would have to integrate with the platform its sales team uses most: Salesforce.

“We live and breathe through Salesforce and all of our apps are integrated,” says Danahy. 

A CLM solution connected with Salesforce was a non-negotiable and DocuSign CLM provided that and more.
Robin Danahy
Salesforce Administrator
Orion Advisor Tech

DocuSign CLM’s Platinum Partnership with Salesforce assured Orion that the two solutions were highly compatible and Orion salespeople could continue to operate within the system they use most.