• 36%

    Increase in customer acquisition, from 50% to 82%
  • 66%

    Reduction in registration time from 3 to 2 days

Metha Energia is shaking up the energy sector in Brazil. They use technology and design to innovate by operating as a shared energy service. Through distributed generation, they connect clean energy generation plants to the final consumer. Through a fully digital platform, they provide consumers with savings and access to clean and sustainable energy. They are growing rapidly; they currently have  75,000+ customers and are soon expanding to five other Brazilian states. 

With the goal of expanding and democratizing the use of clean energy, Metha acts as an intermediary between its customers and the energy matrix.  From the moment the customer contracts with Metha, they receive their monthly bill from the energy credit cooperative instead of the local energy provider. It is up to Metha to manage and even share the representation of the load generated by biomass farms and solar panels to third parties or return it to the provider, ensuring a reduction in monthly bills.

While Metha’s service registration process was completely digital from the start, the way the sign-up steps were structured generated a considerable drop in customer conversions. Metha needed a smoother process to improve conversion, yet not compromise the integrity of the legal agreements.  

Need for Less Friction in the Registration Process 

Metha's registration requires prospects to enroll on the website, provide private data and confirm the service request. This is a huge departure from the more bureaucratic process that had become a staple in the Brazilian energy sector. Despite the ease, this newer fully digital solution generated some end user hesitation. "It's common to receive feedback from customers that our product is just 'too good to be true' because it's very new in the market and easy to sign up for", says Fábio Teixeira, Head of Marketing and Growth.

Previously, Metha would send the prospective customer a sequence of emails to complete the registration after initiating the process on their website. This experience was not ideal because customers were not able to complete the entire process in a single, branded environment while they were excited about Metha’s services. Breaking that momentum and receiving different emails for each step of the process was impacting the completion of the agreements and conversion rates. "Customers  were  concerned about receiving these emails and the legitimacy of the process. We knew then that we wanted a solution that was easily embedded and customizable as part of a full digital registration process on our site - with minimal impact on our IT team. And that’s how we came to the Docusign Click solution."

Docusign Click Improves Customer Experience and Conversion Rates 

Metha implemented Click on their website via API so providing consent to the agreement  is now simply another step in the online registration process. As a result, users now have a seamless web  experience without the friction or confusion with email exchanges and validation processes. Similar to familiar e-commerce transactions, the entire registration process is now able to be completed on Metha’s site.   

Since Click was adopted, Metha has increased customer acquisition by 36%. With the seamless flow enabled by Click, 82% of consumers complete the registration compared to only 50% who completed it before. In addition, the time to complete the registration was reduced from three to two days, improving business agility, brand reliability and customer satisfaction. 

“Docusign not only helps traditional companies digitize, but also new, technological and innovative companies evolve faster. Docusign Click played a key role in our operational improvement and will greatly help us moving forward with our expansion plans”, adds Teixeira. “Furthermore, as a sustainable energy company, we feel good working with a company like Docusign that is committed to helping companies realize productivity and efficiency gains in their businesses while reducing their impact on the environment. Our missions are aligned.”