• 90%

    Faster delivery with SMS + Email
  • 36%

    Faster user completion rate for digital signature documents
  • 19M

    Sheets of paper saved

With over 150 carriers, $2 Billion in total written premiums, and more than 2,000 corporate and franchise agents nationwide, Goosehead Insurance is one of the largest and fastest-growing personal lines insurance agencies in the country.      

Its strategy is simple: Make it easy for clients to find the right coverage at the best price while providing amazing service.

“The insurance shopping experience today is time-consuming and frustrating, and most consumers end up overpaying for a policy that doesn’t meet their needs,” said Brim Basom, managing director of technology at Goosehead Insurance. “Our innovative technology enables us to efficiently shop the market for our clients, providing insurance quotes from more than 150 carriers and all the benefits of a knowledgeable agent to ensure they have the right policy that meets their unique needs.” 

Goosehead’s unconventional approach to insurance is paying dividends, with steady growth, solid retention rates and a Net Promoter Score that’s two times higher than the industry average.

“We’re constantly innovating to make things more streamlined for our agents and their clients,” said Basom. “That includes ensuring we have best-in-class tools to set ourselves up for the future.”

The fast track to digital-first insurance

The key to Goosehead’s success is bringing in top agent talent and providing them with cutting-edge technology that allows them to compete more effectively in the market. One key example of that commitment is that several years ago, the company migrated its entire business to Salesforce for greater agility and efficiency. 

Goosehead adopted a paperless mindset in 2010 when we implemented Docusign for new business applications. Since then, we have continued our commitment as a digital-first company through everything we do—and Docusign continues to be a critical component to that.”
Brim Basom
Managing Director of Technology and Innovation
Goosehead Insurance

With Docusign eSignature for Salesforce, Goosehead simplified the quote-to-bind process while radically reducing manual data entry so agents can focus more time on acquiring new clients and providing an exceptional client experience.  

When clients shop for quotes through the Digital Agent Platform or directly work with a Goosehead Insurance agent, their information is captured in Salesforce and automatically populated into the right document template fields in Docusign. After policy packages are prepared and electronically signed, they’re routed to the quality control team for review and stored in Salesforce for easy access.

For documents requiring dynamic content—disclosures, for instance—Goosehead uses the Docusign Gen API. Automating the generation of customized documents not only saves time for agents but also improves accuracy. Since implementing Docusign across the organization, Goosehead reduced its not-in-good-order (NIGO) error rate from 25% to zero.

“It all boils down to speed,” said Basom. “Less clicks and jumping from system to system means more time for client service and supporting our clients with their insurance needs.”

Meeting agents and clients where they are: on their phones

Since adopting a paperless mindset, Goosehead has saved over 19 million sheets of paper by using Docusign across every corner of the business, from recruiting and HR to service and franchise development. “I’ve been at Goosehead for close to a year and have never printed a single document,” said Basom.

Turning on SMS delivery for eSignature resulted in even more wins, with Goosehead improving delivery rates by 90%, completion times by 36%, and completion rates by 5%. “By ensuring that all documents are fully completed, we can streamline our quality control process and reduce additional overhead for policies that have been bound,” said Basom.

The mobile-friendly tech, coupled with a unique business model that separates sales and service, empowers Goosehead’s agents to meet their client’s needs while fueling productivity. Corporate and franchise agents with over three years of experience generate around 3x more new business than industry benchmarks.

Goosehead Insurance clients are benefiting, too, with real-time communication that meets them wherever they’re at–their phone or desktop. “Sometimes they receive multiple emails from Docusign,” said Basom. “With SMS delivery, those notifications are not getting lost in anyone’s inbox.”

Ensuring sustainable organic business growth

What makes Goosehead Insurance unique is that its company growth has remained largely organic. “We’ve grown to over $200 million in revenue in a very grassroots way - through referrals from realtors, clients, mortgage lenders and brokers,” said Basom.

To keep pace, its relationship with Docusign has grown, too. Just five years ago, the company sent about 3,000 digital documents through the platform. Now, that number is closer to 1.2 million a year, with no signs of slowing down.

Facing a future that looks increasingly mobile-first and data-driven, Basom said it’s a matter of when, not if, industry peers should follow. “You’ve got to get off paper, or your speed and how fast you can grow is going to be a challenge. With Docusign, you’re getting a best-in-class solution that’ll enable your agency to move faster.”