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DuPont Crop Protection Modernizes Sales Process With DocuSign eSignature

  • 500+

    hours of administrative time saved in less than ten months
  • $50K

    saved in employee time and paper/mailing costs in less than ten
  • 300%

    increase in Salesforce Sales Cloud usage

Founded in 1802, DuPont Crop Protection puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer and healthier life for people everywhere. The company carries out its mission by enabling the production of safe, high-quality and abundant food and feed crops by providing farmers with herbicide, fungicide and insecticide products.

As part of its sales process, DuPont’s 150 sales representatives spend a considerable amount of on the road time traveling long distances between clients, managing new contracts and renewals. What makes DuPont’s sales process particularly complex, however, is that bulk sales of DuPont Crop Protection products are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The regulations put pressure on sales reps—if a contract data field was overlooked or a signature is missing, they had to start the sales process all over again. The result was a slow, error-prone sales process and poor experience for sales reps and customers. 

DuPont Crop Protection was determined to shorten its sales life cycle by cutting down on the time sales reps spent managing contract delivery and signing. The company also knew it had to enhance compliance, including federal regulatory compliance, by ensuring all contracts are completed correctly, signed and immediately accessible to all parties. Plus, DuPont needed to find a partner that would integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, its existing CRM tool. Implementing an electronic signature tool would address all these areas—and improve experience across the board.    

Digitizing DuPont Crop Protection’s signature process 

After personally experiencing DocuSign eSignature’s ease-of-use and efficiency while signing personal real estate documents, Bill Wasser, a Dupont sales rep, recommended the solution to Tim Kantor, the data manager for DuPont’s marketing and sales team. 

After viewing a demo of the solution, Kantor saw the opportunity for Dupont, from accelerating workflows and reducing costs, to improving customer satisfaction. And, because DuPont was already a Salesforce customer, implementing DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce to ensure seamless integration between the two platforms was a clear choice. Thanks to the integration, DuPont was able to send agreements for signature, capture signer information, track status, and automatically update opportunities all from within the solution. 

Already, DuPont has seen powerful results. DuPont has saved over 500 hours of sales rep time that was previously spent on admin work in less than a year, which is estimated to be a savings of over $50,000. Additionally, Salesforce usage has increased 300%, making that investment much more impactful. Overall, introducing DocuSign together with Salesforce has given the sales function at DuPont Crop Protection new capabilities that have made them significantly more productive and competitive.

“Area managers have credited DocuSign eSignature as the most productive tool within DuPont.”
Tim Kantor
Data Manager Marketing & Sales Operations
DuPont Crop Protection