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    Hours from contract request to execution
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    Reduction in minutes to prepare subcontracts for execution

When we tap into a wide range of ideas and views, better solutions are created. That’s one of the core values behind Consor’s success. 

The engineering firm was created by over a dozen small businesses who joined forces to deliver future-ready transportation and water infrastructure at scale. Since launching in 2018, Consor has grown tremendously, expanding its coast-to-coast footprint and completing thousands of projects for state and local agencies.

“It’s critical for us to keep projects moving quickly to help our clients and communities,” said Matthew Cass, executive director of operational excellence and risk. “We can't do that in a multi-state organization without technology like Docusign CLM.”

Transforming contracting from a black box to a well-oiled machine

Consor had already experienced the advantages of using Docusign eSignature to simplify document execution, but everything before and after the signature remained a black box for the contracts team. Email-powered workflows were not only untrackable, but they also exposed the company to unnecessary risk.

“We knew it was time for a change when we found contracts that had been executed but never reviewed, which means we’d missed the opportunity to properly negotiate our terms and conditions,” said Cass. 

With Docusign CLM, Consor achieved greater efficiency and control over the end-to-end contract process, enabling the company to meet its goal of a 72-hour turnaround from contract request to execution. But the greatest impact Consor has seen is better adherence to policies that have always been in place but difficult to enforce.

“Because the process we had before was perceived as complicated and slow, people didn’t always follow the proper protocols,” said Cass. “Now, we have a solution that everyone is eager to use and that’s creating consistency across our design and construction contract portfolio.”

To ensure a seamless deployment, Consor worked closely with Docusign Platinum Partner Uptima. A few months, many strategy sessions and process tweaks later, the company had a solution (internally branded as “Consor CLM”) that’s tailored to meet the company’s complex requirements. 

"Uptima has been a critical partner in this process," said Cass. "Without them, we would not have had the success we have today."

Managing agreements in the flow of work with Docusign + Microsoft

During Consor’s search for a CLM, Docusign came out on top because of its convenient, single sign-on integration with the Microsoft apps employees use every day, including Outlook, Word, Teams and SharePoint. 

The integration enables the contracts team, project managers and other stakeholders to manage the full contract cycle without ever having to leave the Microsoft platform. Agreements can be generated in Word, using CLM’s integrated clause library, and securely routed to the right people in the right order via the Outlook connector.

Having Docusign fully embedded in the email app saves everyone a lot of time, Cass said. “People are our greatest resource—and providing the best-in-class tools that can help them effectively manage project delivery is a top priority,” said Cass.

Streamlining collaboration with subcontractors

To scale service delivery, Consor relies on an extensive network of subcontractors and subconsultants. CLM enables effortless collaboration between Consor and its partners, providing a centralized way to share documents, track changes and negotiate terms. This streamlined approach eliminates back-and-forth exchanges while ensuring all stakeholders are aligned, reducing project delays.

We recently executed a large contract in Florida involving 30 different supporting vendors. Despite the intricacies of each vendor's specific requirements, we were able to prepare, negotiate and execute all 30 agreements in just five days.
Matthew Cass
Executive Director of Operational Excellence and Risk

Switching from manual to guided, automated contract workflows has also improved Consor’s agility to quickly respond to emergency situations when timeliness is essential.

“We hold many contracts related to hurricane recovery and relief,” said Cass. “Docusign enables us to quickly turn those around to support communities impacted by the disasters.”

Maintaining momentum post go-live 

After the successful launch of CLM, Docusign adoption surged in other corners of the business. “We’re looking to integrate more of our HR and fleet management processes into the automated templates and workflows that we’ve always had as part of eSignature,” said Cass.

Cass emphasized the value Docusign Customer Success brings to the table. “The Customer Success team ensures we’re making smart decisions and changes post go-live while also looking to us to help shape Docusign’s future roadmap,” he said. “It’s been a great partnership—one that will continue as we expand our offerings.”