RoadEx Streamlines Agreement Process and Drives More Sales with DocuSign Gen for Salesforce

In sales, 15 minutes can mean the difference between a closed deal and a missed opportunity.

The key to winning new deals in financial services often comes down to streamlined processes and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Smaller institutions in particular must be nimble, as their employees frequently wear multiple hats. Sales representatives don’t have time to learn complex technology interfaces and want to conduct business within one centralized place. Creating and manually prefilling documents like loan applications, non-disclosure agreements and master service agreements and routing these documents to where they need to go takes time away from selling. Yet these documents are a key to ensuring new business is closed quickly, and to providing new and existing customers with a positive experience.

That’s why financial institutions that use Salesforce are increasingly looking for new, more efficient ways to generate, prefill and obtain e-signatures on agreements in a fully integrated and intuitive way.

Escaping the copy and paste cycle

RoadEx is a Michigan-based company offering financing, credit and a range of programs and services to freight carriers. A Salesforce customer since 2014, RoadEx was seeking to make their loan applications and contract processes more efficient and integrated within the Salesforce platform, the primary system their employees worked out of every day.

Brian Bennett, vice president of sales and marketing at RoadEx, realized that when his sales representatives prefilled applications on behalf of their trucking prospects, a greater percentage of the forms would be returned, resulting in more closed deals. However, their prior document generation solution didn’t have prefill capabilities. Instead it required the reps to create a template, enter the necessary data in the appropriate fields, save it and append the applicant’s name, upload it to the platform, and then, once signed by the applicant, store the signed document in another location. This process was cumbersome, time-consuming and susceptible to costly data entry errors. Most of Bennett’s reps became frustrated with the arcane process and sought an easier, more intuitive method.

“Before, we were copying and pasting endlessly, and it was taking the reps maybe 10-15 minutes to prefill an application,” says Bennett.

Bennett realized that RoadEx needed a new, fully integrated process within Salesforce that would allow for the automated population of forms and e-signature capture, with the ability to electronically file the forms in a single centralized location.

RoadEx successfully implemented DocuSign Gen for Salesforce in December 2020 and began using it to generate new applications and contracts across its invoice factoring, lines of credit, fuel discount and dispatch services. RoadEx used the solution to generate roughly 1,100 agreements within the first five months, and saw immediate, positive results.

“Since we made the switch a few months back, it’s pretty much been plug and play. My sales team is utilizing it every day,” Bennett says. “It’s a click of a button, [which means] less training and less time [to bring new reps up to speed], and overall [it helps in] maximizing efficiency.”

An efficient, scalable agreement solution

Existing Salesforce users can begin using DocuSign Gen for Salesforce via the Salesforce App Exchange. Because DocuSign Gen is easy to set up, maintain and use, companies do not need to strain already burdened internal IT resources to take on a service engagement. 

Your sales representatives can generate professional, error-free agreements, prefilled with your client’s information without ever having to leave Salesforce. Say goodbye to time-consuming copying and pasting, and hello to an easy to use system and efficient employee experience. This will give your team more time to focus on developing new business and growing your company.

“In talking to the sales reps, I know they are able to make more calls in a day, because they’re not spending so much time on pre-filling applications themselves,” Bennett says. “The [prior process] was cumbersome and not efficient for them, and they were thrilled to be able to push a button, have everything map over and hit send.”

In addition, RoadEx’s truckers and freight carrier customers enjoy an easy and quick e-signing experience. This means less frustration, less time filling out electronic forms, and ultimately less abandonment.

“We realized when we prefilled applications that we got a lot more of them back, and then eventually I knew there would be a way to automate the copying and pasting to a mapping,” Bennett says. “The number one thing I’ve gotten out of DocuSign is efficiency.”

Interested in trying out DocuSign Gen for Salesforce? Learn more here or visit the Salesforce App Exchange and try out the solution free for 30 days. Start your journey today and begin earning back your time – in 15-minute increments.