How Docusign ID Verification Can Bring Assurance to Government Agreements

Government agencies frequently manage services and transactions that contain sensitive constituent information. As a result, there are policies and procedures in place to ensure that the correct people receive the correct information and services. 

Currently, many of these processes require in-person identity verification, which is time consuming for both constituents and government workers.

Whether applying for government services or requesting a tax deferral, constituents today increasingly expect convenient digital processes. State and local agencies must find digital solutions that help expedite the identity verification process for their sensitive agreements—without sacrificing the security of their transactions. These solutions will not only strengthen the constituent experience, but also improve the operational efficiency of the agency.

April 11 is Identity Management Day. In honor of this holiday, we’re sharing how state and local governments can seamlessly and securely manage identification across their agreements.

Why state and local agencies are adopting Docusign ID Verification 

Docusign ID Verification, one solution in the Docusign Identify family of enhanced identity products, provides identity proofing that seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and offers ID document verification and knowledge-based authentication.

Using Docusign ID Verification, agencies can:

  • Mitigate risk associated with government services: Docusign ID Verification helps mitigate fraud risks by verifying the identity of constituents receiving government services.
  • Simplify interactions with constituents: Government agencies can improve the constituent experience by providing the flexibility and convenience of secure, digital transactions.
  • Increase efficiency for agencies: With a digital workflow, agencies can spend less time manually verifying identities from uploaded documents, and spend more time providing necessary public services to constituents.

How ID Verification works

Watch the video below to see how easy and streamlined ID Verification is for signers:

How governments are using ID Verification 

Tax-related services

County-level Treasurer’s Departments are responsible for many constituent-facing processes that contain sensitive tax-related information. As a result, identity verification is a crucial step for many of their tax processes.

For example, when an individual requests a tax deferral, the Treasurer’s Office must validate the constituent’s identity to appropriately grant tax forgiveness. Another example is related to auctions for tax-foreclosed properties. To participate in these auctions, individuals must verify their identity to place bids. These verification processes need to be done efficiently and securely to ensure the correct people are receiving the correct services.

Docusign ID Verification allows constituents to choose their preferred authentication method and access their agreement digitally on any mobile device. In addition to enhancing the constituent experience, Docusign ID Verification gives government employees the confidence that their tax-related services are going to the right people. 

Remote Online Notarization

From child welfare applications to right-of-way agreements, notarized documents are essential to completing government agency transactions. Today, most notarizations are paper-based and conducted in-person, which introduces complexity and delays.

However, the current notarization process is beginning to change with the acceptance of remote online notarization (RON). The demand for RON is accelerating as more state legislatures pass permanent RON laws and regulations and as government agencies transition to supporting a hybrid and remote workforce.

Docusign ID Verification supports identity proofing within Docusign Notary to provide a fast, digital notarial transaction that mitigates the risk of fraud, reduces delays and preserves an auditable record. With Docusign Notary, state and local agencies can be assured that their most sensitive constituent agreements are streamlined and secure.

Get started with Docusign ID Verification

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