Automate Invoice Generation with DocuSign Gen for Salesforce

While invoices might not get the same level of attention from sales organizations as the agreements that come before them, they are a critical part of the quote-to-cash process. Delivering on-time, accurate and on-brand invoices to customers is critical to ensuring timely payment and revenue recognition. However, executing invoices across the entire organization can be time intensive and create redundant work for Salesforce administrators. The scale of the problem only increases as a company grows and can ultimately impact cash flow.

DocuSign Gen for Salesforce already helps businesses generate common agreements like  master service agreements (MSAs), statements of work (SOWs), non-disclosure agreements and quotes. As Gen is built natively within Salesforce, users can generate these agreements with a single click–automatically pulling Salesforce data into the document and avoiding the inherent mistakes from manual data entry.

Invoice generation is a natural extension of DocuSign’s integration with Salesforce Revenue Cloud by allowing customers to generate high volumes of invoices accurately and at scale from within Salesforce Billing. 

An integral part of the Revenue Cloud, Salesforce Billing streamlines the final stages of the quote-to-cash process and guides complex invoice creation and management. Together with DocuSign Gen, billing managers can fully automate the customization, generation and delivery of invoices to customers by leveraging features like:

  • Batch invoice generation: Automate scheduled batch invoice generation, or generate an invoice on-demand
  • Customizable templates: Ensure that invoices remain on-brand, with easy template creation that can be automated by region, area of business or other Salesforce data fields
  • Salesforce object support: Simplify invoice generation from Salesforce Billing standard and related objects

Now you can automate invoice generation and delivery across every account, saving time, improving accuracy and accelerating speed to revenue.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud customers can get DocuSign Gen for Salesforce Billing by contacting their Salesforce Account Executive. 

Learn more about the integration at DocuSign Gen for Salesforce.