Accelerate Contracts in Salesforce with DocuSign: Dreamforce 2022

The average B2B sales process involves 10 people, lasts 102 days and now, often happens in a hybrid work environment. But digitizing a sales process is no easy task, with critical information spread across various tools and teams that cause the contracting process to drag on.

DocuSign’s powerful integrations with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Slack help drive deals forward, boost rep productivity, and deliver a better experience for your buyers:

  • Transform the Quote to Cash process: Accelerate speed to revenue and growth by automating the generation, negotiation and signing of contracts across the sales and renewal process. 
  • Collaborate better and close faster: Increase productivity and improve customer experience by reviewing, approving and signing contracts all within Slack.

At Dreamforce 2022, we showcased powerful integrations with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Slack to help drive deals forward, boost rep productivity and deliver a better experience for buyers.

The #1 way Salesforce customers accelerate agreements

Throughout the event, attendees came to our sessions and demo to see how tools like DocuSign eSignature, CLM and Gen can accelerate their work in contracts right in Salesforce.

Document generation for sales quotes and contracts

The full quote-to-cash process involves a number of stakeholders and variables that can introduce the possibility of errors and slow down deals. As pricing models become more complicated, the sales rep must navigate upfront pricing, monthly subscription pricing, annual costs, customization, bundling and potential discounts. The quote often has to be approved by multiple stakeholders to ensure any discounted pricing or modifications to standard commercial terms are acceptable to the business.

Manually generating agreements can waste time and lead to fewer closed deals. Instead of selling, sales reps have to spend time manually copying and pasting data from Salesforce into sales documents. Later, they often have to rework the document because the template was out of date, or the data they pasted broke the document’s formatting, or they forgot to include information tailored to that customer. Meanwhile, prospects are frustrated, waiting for final, error-free agreements.

DocuSign Gen for Salesforce empowers reps to generate documents with just a few clicks, without ever leaving the Salesforce interface. This enables them to:

  • Create fast, professional documents: merge customer, product, and pricing data to generate quotes, invoices, proposals and other sales documents in Microsoft Word, PDF and other formats.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce: Gen is natively built within Salesforce, bringing document generation where users already are and protecting existing technology investments.
  • Leverage conditional content: save time and eliminate errors by automatically including or excluding the right content based on Salesforce data and rules.

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Electronic signature

The point of signature on a sales contract is often the most memorable moment in a sales cycle. As customers and prospects have a growing preference for digital experiences, introducing electronic signature technology into your processes can help delight customers and get deals closed faster, while mitigating risk with better security and compliance than traditional ink signatures or other workaround signatures.

DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce allows reps to send, route, sign, track and save agreements without ever leaving Salesforce. This helps organizations streamline sales and recognize revenue faster by:

  • Providing customers a world-class signing experience while increasing process visibility
  • Getting agreements signed faster with responsive signing experiences for most devices
  • Increasing productivity and reducing data entry errors by automatically pulling customer data into agreements
  • Utilizing agreement signing workflows across the Customer 360–including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Experience Cloud and Vaccine Cloud.

Contract lifecycle management for the full Quote-to-Cash process

Implementing a CPQ solution is a great first step to streamlining the sales quoting process. But without an automated contract system, there’s a process gap between specifying the commercial terms in quotes and including the relevant legal terms in contracts.

To fill that gap, sales reps create manual workarounds to help them get a contract to the customer as quickly as possible. A common shortcut taken by today’s B2B sellers to prepare a contract is to copy an existing document and replace the original content with details about a new deal. This process is a quick way to produce a contract, but it also opens the door for a range of errors.

DocuSign CLM can help act as the connection across the entire revenue lifecycle, from initial quote to final billing invoice. CLM manages the full agreement life cycle for complex contracts with automated document generation, real-time negotiation, drag-and-drop workflows and powerful search. CLM can also be configured to trigger actions at important dates which can be extremely useful in renewal negotiations. With CLM and Salesforce, you can streamline and automate contract workflows across departments to automate manual processes and elevate customer experiences.

Don’t require all of the features of this enterprise solution? With CLM Essentials, announced earlier this year, you can get started within a few weeks, not months!

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Prachi Mishra
Product Marketing Director, DocuSign